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Relevant Literature

Due to copyright restrictions, we can't post .pdfs of relevant literature here. However, in some cases we can provide you with contact information to the authors who may be willing to share literature with you.

Here, in no particular order (at least for now), is a list of relevant literature:

Plentovich, S., Hebshi, A., and S. Conant. 2009. Detrimental effects of two widespread invasive ant species on weight and survival of colonial nesting seabirds in the Hawaiian Islands. Biological Invasions 11: 289-298.

Biological Invasions will be publishing a special issue on "Rats on Islands". There are many papers of interest in this upcoming issue, including many by SEAPRE participants. Download the abstracts for this issue [.pdf].

Zino, F., Hounsom, M.V., Buckle, A.P. and M. B iscoito. 2008. Was the removal of rabbits and house mice from Selvagem Grande beneficial to the breeding of Cory's shearwaters Calonectris diomedea borealis? Oryx 42: 151-154.

Kurle, C.M., D.A. Croll, and B.R. Tershy. 2008. Introduced rats indirectly change marine rocky intertidal communities from algae- to invertebrate- dominated. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Online: 10.1073/pnas.0800570105.

Jones, H.P., B.R. Tershy, E.S. Zavaleta, D.A. Croll, B.S. Keitt, M.E. Finkelstein, and G.R. Howald. 2008. Severity of the Effects of Invasive Rats on Seabirds: A Global Review. Conservation Biology 22: 16-26. Email Holly Jones if you'd like a .pdf of this review.













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